Tri-Flow® Superior Soy™ Lube

Advanced performance combining scienceand nature. Rapidly biodegradable formula, more than 90% will biodegrade in less than 28 days! Formulated with natural soy oil and P.T.F.E.

Tri-Flow® Clear Synthetic Grease

Tri-Flow® Gets It Movin'

Tri-Flow® High Performance Grease provides you with the premium
lubricating technology to optimize performance when there is a
lot of metal-on-metal friction.

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Tri-Flow® Synthetic Grease

Tri-Flow® Clear Synthetic Grease is a premium quality, extreme pressure, non-melting, waterproof formula that seals out water contaminants. It is available in handy squeeze tube for easy application and fits nicely in a grease gun. Our grease is compatible with most rubbers and plastic and stands up to extreme temperatures (-10° - +400° F). Guaranteed to optimize the performance of your equipment's moving parts, such as bearings and tracks, and will allow them to last longer and run quieter and smoother. Prevents rusting even when exposed to salt water! Formulated with P.T.F.E.