Tri-Flow Superior Soy Lube Pump Spray


Tri-Flow® Superior Soy™ Lube – advanced performance combining science and nature. This lube is a superior, light viscosity lube that allows for deep penetration into hard to reach moving parts. The hand charged aerosol spray uses no chemical propellant! Rapidly biodegradable formula, more than 90% will biodegrade in less than 28 days! Formulated with natural soy oil and P.T.F.E. Specially formulated with the most advanced performing elements combined with natural soy for the environmentally conscious consumer. A blend of the finest quality renewable resource available treated with the most effective anti-oxidants, extreme pressure, anti-wear, PTFE and corrosion protection additives. High grade oils provide optimum lubrication under extreme temperatures (12° to 475° F) and humidity. The formula and packaging were designed and manufactured taking steps to reduce environmental impact.

SKU: TF20004
Size: 3oz Pump
SDS: English - French (Canada) - Spanish (Mexico)
MSDS: English